HDTV Armour to the rescue

2 August 2008 No Comment admin

HDTV armour

You might as well paint a giant target on your lovely HDTV if you have a Nintendo Wii. Accidents can happen but the costs are huge; if the screen on your TV cracks you will need to replace the whole TV. TV Armour screen protectors are crystal clear, optical grade plastic screens that fit TVs ranging from 30-52 inches. As you may guess from the name, TV Armour screen protectors will protect your television from scratches, marks and projectile objects. The creators also claim they protect your HDTV from fingerprints but while it is true the fingerprints will not be on your TV they will be on the plastic in front of your TV so you will still need to clean them off. Read on to find out if the TV Armour is any good.

I wonder how this actually looks, the creators claim the TV Armour doesn’t ruin the picture quality (see the image below) but does it ruin the look of your TV? You have a very stylish, sleek looking HDTV and then you put a honking great piece of plastic over it. Will it be a bit like carpet protectors which were put over expensive carpet to stop them being worn out, great in theory, but you spent hundreds on a nice looking carpet with a luscious feel then you stick a horrible looking piece of plastic over it.
With TV armour
without TV Armour

Ignoring the aesthetics of the armour, it is made from 1/4″ thick crystal clear, scratch resistant, optical grade acrylic, that has a small 90


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