LG reveals plans for ultra thin, LED-lit HDTV's

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Earlier this year LG hinted at a HDTV that would be LED-backlit instead of fluorescent-lit and touted a whopping 1,000,000:1. LG have now firmed up the details on this 1080p LCD and even given us a release month and price tag. Read on for all the details.

The LG90 (formally known as 47LG75) is set to rival LG’s competitors in both price and specs and will be LG’s first LED-backlit LCD TV. But why choose LED-backlighting? It’s all about the hunt for the true deep dark black. LCD TVs are wonderful but they do have their flaws, one of them being that the blacks come out grey unlike traditional CRT or the new FED screens which produce deep blacks. As you can image grey instead of black, doesn’t do much for picture quality so manufactures are always looking for ways to improve the blacks displayed on the screen. LCD screens are historically backlit using fluorescents but by using LEDs instead LG will be able to produce much deeper blacks. One of the ways LEDs help produce deep blacks is by enabling individual portions of the LG90 screen to be dimmed thus preventing light bleed into dark areas and causing unintentional greys.

So, LG has made an effort at trying to address the problem with deep blacks, but have they done anything about motion artefacts which is another problem with LCD TVs? The answer would be… yes, the LG90 will use a 120Hz panel for motion processing to reduce the problematic motion artefacts. Encase you don’t know, motion artefacts are caused when previous display values start to affect the current display content. This will cause the image to be slightly blurred and occurs when the image is changing quickly, such as in a high action screen. Not what you want when you have paid a fortune for your HDTV to get a nice crisp image which then appears blurred due to motion artefacts.

LG has not released much specific information on their LG90 1080p LCD but what they have announced sounds pretty sweet. The LG90 will come in a 47-inch version that matches Samsung’s 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and has a 500cd/m2 brightness rating, 3 HDMI v1.3 inputs, USB port and LG’s SimpLink control technology. The LG90 comes with an Intelligent Sensor to adjust for lighting conditions, but personally I would turn this off and manually set my TV for different lighting conditions, see this article for improving your HDT’s picture. An even better option if you have the spare cash is to get a professional to do the work for you. The LG90 is ISFccc calibration ready which is basically a process that enables a trained certified calibrator to adjust your HDTV with a high degree of accuracy.

The “unique teardrop design” with stunning blue accents is not disrupted by hideous speakers because LG has managed to make them disappear, and in stroke of naming genius they have called them “Invisible Speakers”. The LG90 when released in September will be a mere 5-inches thick but this doesn’t come close to its cousin the LGX which has gone for thinness rather than picture quality and will come in at 1.8-inches. The LG90 will be priced at $3,599.

[Source: PR Newwire and Spec Sheet via Engadget]

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