Multi-touch 3D holographic projection

7 August 2008 No Comment admin

To carry on our exploration of the 3D technology world, here is a video that demonstrates a Minority Report style interface. Lately there have been lots of critical breakthroughs in 3D home entertainment and interactive touch sensitive systems, put these all together and you get an amazing way to interact with your computer (although you may look a bit of a plonker waving your hands in the air).

Obscura Digital uses a 3D holographic projection system with multi-touch software to create an interface that rivals Nintendo Wii on speed. Using this system will be a pretty good work out, once you have read the health warnings and limbered up you can swim through your photos and draw squiggly line to your heart’s content.

This is obviously just the start of things, but what a start!

[Source: Engadget, Obscura Blog]


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