Seiko Epson high resolution 3D display

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Seiko Epson 3D display

Seiko Epson have been working on a high resolution 3D display which will enable you to view 3D images with the naked eye, so no more need to wear those funky glasses, you will have to find another excuse. By making it viewable to the naked eye, Seiko Epson’s new 3D display makes the possibility of portable holographic screens very real. It is not quite a floating in air hologram like the researchers at the University of Arizona have achieved but it is still very, very cool. Read on to find out more.

Although this is very sci-fi and futuristic sounding technology it actually utilises a method that was established in the 19th century. The idea behind it all is to show two different images to each eye, the two images are at slightly different angles to each other. This makes the images look three-dimensional. You can see this principle in action by closing one eye, then opening it and closing the other eye at the same time, you will see your view of the world changes depending on which eye you are looking through.

To show two different images to you without you needing special glasses, Seiko Epson use a special lens called “lenticular lens” which is composed of an array of hog-backed convex lenses which are placed over the pixels meaning that each eye will see a different image and each eye cannot see more than one image at a time. Pretty cleaver but a little hard to visualise so to help with that below is a handy diagram.
Seiko Epson 3D display with lenticular lens

The resolution currently stands at 550ppi, which makes it one of the world’s highest resolutions for direct-view-type displays which don’t make use of projectors. Although is only measures 2.57″, the Seiko Epson 3D display has an impressive pixel count of 1024×768. This 3D display is targeted at mobile phones for the moment and Seiko Epson plan to commercialise it in two years time.

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