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8 August 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

TuneWiki MP3 Player software

TuneWiki MP3 Player software

TuneWiki is a new type of MP3 player originally designed for the Apple iPhone that has now been ported to the new Google Android range of phones. To say it’s a new type of MP3 player, though, is a gross understatement. TuneWiki is so radical in its approach, so innovative and so feature-rich, it makes all other MP3 players to date look like they were knocked up by some first year Computer Science student!

If it’s MP3 playing, karaoke singing, wireless syncing, location-based music mashup software you’re after, then just look what what Andoid users can look forward to when TuneWiki launches on the platform later this year.

TuneWiki is software developed by an Israeli company that was originally designed for use on the Apple iPhone. Since Google’s Android is an entirely open mobile phone platform that gives programmatic access to the entire device, they decided to port TuneWiki onto it. After looking at the specs of Android, they then realized that they could do something special with Android that they couldn’t do on any other phone – something very special indeed.

TuneWiki overview

TuneWiki, at its heart, is an MP3 player, so it can playback MP3 tunes and also provides playlists and the usual control options you’d expect from an MP3 player. It’s also a karaoke machine, as it’ll automatically sync any song with lyrics stored in its huge database. This is where the term TuneWiki comes from, as the database of lyrics is supplied by users, meaning there’s a huge inventory of lyrics for it to draw upon.

Better still, we’re not just talking about lyrics in English – we’re talking lyrics in virtually any language, as TuneWiki users come from all over the world and have happily supplied translations to the tunes of their favourite artists. The lyrics are perfectly synced with the song using some kind of algorithmic magic.

TuneWiki on the iPhone would let you search for songs on the iPhone itself or on iTunes. With new TuneWiki for Android, though, you can do all of this, plus search for songs on Windows Media Player on your PC, or on Songbird, synchronizing the tunes via Bluetooth or WiFi. If the tune you wasn’t isn’t available on either of those services, it’ll direct you to YouTube and play the video directly, complete with the lyrics from its own lyrics database overlaid on top of the YouTube video. Fantastic!

TuneWiki wizardry – mashing up GPS and music

And now for the special sauce in the TuneWiki magic. The software mashes up music and location providing a visual map of the music people are listening to all across the world.

If you’re wondering what’s so special about this, just check out the video above. Suppose you’re playing “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick-rolling uber-celeb Rick Astley. TuneWiki will be able to show you all the other people that are listening to the tune at that exact moment, overlaid on a Google map. If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to provide a sense of community, it’s music, and being able to see the location of other people listening to the same tune as you while you listen to it really does make the world seem very small indeed.

Just imagine listening to your favourite break-up tune seeing on a map where everyone else is listening to it. Suddenly, you don’t feel so lonely any more as you can see at a glance just how many other people are feeling similar emotions to you. You’re not alone, after all..unless “Never Gonna Give You Up” is your break-up tune, in which case you probably are!

In addition, TuneWiki collates the music that people are playing and provides a list of the top tunes by geographical area. So now you can see what the top tunes are in the UK, or Dubai or China or anywhere in the world, for each day. Not just by country, either – TuneWiki breaks it down by area as well, so you can see the top tunes that are being played in a radius around you (Android phoens all have GPS in them, which is where this bit of magic comes from). If you’re a student, you can therefore see the top tunes that your campus likes, and compare it with other campuses across – well, the world!

TuneWiki has to be one of the most impressive pieces of software I’ve ever seen. It’s a truly innovative use of the Android platform, making full use of its GPS abilities and the openness of the platform, together with the Web 2.0 concept of the Wiki. MP3 players have become pretty same-old same-old of late, with each new variant simply adding new skins to the same functionality as any other MP3 player; TuneWiki has shown that it doesn’t have to be like that. They might just have created the world’s best MP3 player!

[Source: TechCrunch]

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