Freewheeler speakers for the crazy in you

13 August 2008 No Comment admin

SYMBIO Alien Speakers

If you liked the crazy dancing Sony Rolly mp3 player you are going to love this new addition to the world of mad speaker design. The Freewheeler speakers created in collaboration with designers Ron Arad and Frances Pellisari certainly make you raise one eyebrow and mouth, “what” when you first see it.

The 23″ tall by 10″ wide speakers would not look out of place rolling along attached to a pimped out car but I don’t think that is its original purpose. Freewheeler is designed to be used indoors or out and even offers stereo sound. The marvel of stereo sound is not achieved by the Freewheeler rolling backwards and forwards like a crazed puppy but by the cleverly designed components that can split the signal.

Are you ready for the price…?

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