Tiny travel speakers with a whole lot of bass

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X-Mini Speakers

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand the X-Mini is set to revolutionise the world of portable audio. The X-Mini capsule is the first pocket sized speaker with bass support and a built in rechargeable battery. Neil over at Spoken Like a Geek brought one into the office and showed us it in action. I expected the usual tinny pathetic sound to come out of this tinny speaker but was stunned into silence when this uncompromising sound quality and volume was blasted out (not sure of his music choice but you can’t have everything).

x-mini designThe secret to the X-Mini’s volume and bass is in its innovative design. Give the unit a twist and the X-Mini can be extended up like an accordion. It is this extendable vacuum which mimics the characteristics of a subwoofer and gives speakers a crisp, meaty sound quality that you would normally except from much larger speakers.

Usually with external speakers like this they drain the battery of the device you plug them into and so reduce your playing time but the X-Mini are slightly different, with an internal battery that will last 8 hours you can enjoy your sounds for long.

These speakers are truly amazing and a must have accessory for anyone who likes their music, videos, or games on the move but don’t want to skimp on sound quality. If you are flying from the UK anytime soon, according to Neil the best place to pick one of these up is the Nokia store at Heathrow Terminal 5 but failing that there are some links at the bottom of this post.

So what’s the disadvantage? There is only one problem with the X-Mini and that is the lack of stereo. Never fear, XM-I, the creators of the X-Mini noticed this flaw and rushed to fix it with the X-Mini Max. Rather than getting one speaker, with the X-Mini Max you get two. Each has the patented Bass Xpansion System (BXS) so you still have that crisp, full bodied sounds and volume, but by pairing them up you get a substantial increase in volume without distortion and you can experience stereo sound.

By having two speakers rather than one it does make the X-Mini Max a less portable option, but the cleaver people at XM-I, have thought of that and made it so the speakers can be separated and used independently of each other. Essentially they become two X-Mini speakers. Each speaker has a rechargeable battery like the X-Mini but the battery life has been extended to 10 hours, so even more time to listen to your favourite songs before it starts using power from your device.

Capable of producing volume and bass over ten times its physical size this is a sweet little speaker that packs a hell of a punch.

X-Mini and X-Mini Max on the web

If you like the look of these and you are not flying from Heathrow Terminal 5 in the near future then check out the links below. If you have used these speakers or know of others just as good let us know and leave a comment below.

[Source: Spoken Like a Geek]

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