Google's Set Top Boxes offer Android TV

18 August 2008 One Comment Mike Evans

Google Android Set Top Box
Google have recently begun expanding beyond the world of the Web to the more portable world of the mobile phone, with their imminent new platform called Android. Designed to compete with Windows Mobile, Symbian and Apple’s iPhone platforms, Android is part of Google’s strategy to expand the Web beyond its current desktop-bound existence.

However, it seems that mobile phones aren’t the limit of Google’s ambitions. According to new rumours, the search engine company is working on extending Android to all manner of devices, including Set Top Boxes, MP3 players, and any other device that could potentially connect to the Internet.

The rumour about Android being more than just mobile phones has been around for a while, but it was always seen as pure speculation. It stemmed from a talk that Vint Cerf (Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist) gave back in 2006, in which he said:

“In an internet enabled world, there is no reason that a projector could not be online and downloading images, maybe using the Blackberry as a control device.

Surrounded by networked equipment that is reachable anywhere, devices harnessed on a temporary basis to do something for you and then released. I am predicting that during this decade, we will see more systems interacting with other systems like this


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