Ultra thin mp4 players

20 August 2008 No Comment admin

Axxen mp4 player

Axxen has released a couple of mp4 player which are so thin you my snap them if you look too hard. Both the Playgo X11and the Playgo x12 are just 5.6 mm thick.

These two mp4 players have fancy OLED screens and support touch keypad. They have all the usual features, such as FM radio and support for a multitude of video and music formats. The Playgo x11 has a 1.5″ OLED screen where as its bigger brother, the x12, has a 2″ screen, so both are extreamly portable. Weighing just 20g you may even forget it is in your pocket. There is little other information at the moment but we will keep yo posted when these little beauties make their way over from Korea.

[Source: AVING]


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