Mental Media – the Ten best Audio Gadgets you never knew they made part 2

21 August 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

5). Alesis Transactive Mobile – the world’s largest iPhone dock?

What is it?

Regular iPhone speakers are for wimps! What you need is the Alesis Transactive Mobile (although calling it “mobile” is a bit of a stretch!), a huge industrial strength amp and speaker designed for outdoor events that belts out tunes to over 150 feet.

Obviously not your average iPod speaker, it’ll make your mates’ jaws drop, both from the sound, and the slightly weird sight of seeing an iPod on top of this beast of an amp.

Why is it mental?

Just look at the thing!

And no, it doesn’t go all the way up to 11 (tried really hard to resist saying that, but just couldn’t stop myself!)

4). Numark iDJ iPod DJ system

Numark iDJ iPod DJ system

What is it?

Heard about vinyl and how it’s used by superstar DJs but not entirely sure what vinyl actually is?! Then you need the Numark iDJ iPod DJ system, which lets you plug in an iPod and play two songs from it at once.

Of course, you don’t want the tunes blaring out over each other – you want them to mix seamlessly, blending from one to the other, even scratching if the mood takes you.

Not for nothing is the Numark called the iDJ, because that’s exactly what it lets you do – become a complete turntablist, just with an iPod rather than a record deck. You can also plug in other inputs from CD players or record decks, and even record your tunes via USB to any USB-equipped external source.

Is there no end to the iPod’s flexibility?!

Why is it mental?

Geeky and cool in one button-strewn box – perfect for the techno DJ.

3). Tonium Pacemaker HandHeld DJ system

Tonium Pacemaker MP3 DJ unit

What is it?

Like the idea of the Numark iDJ, but don’t have an iPod? Get the Tonium Pacemaker, then, which features its own 120GB hard drive, and which lets you seamlessly DJ in the palm of your hand.

Designed for professional DJs, the Packemaker will let you do everything you can do on turntables and other professional mixing gear, but comes with a unique hand-held user interface. You can select tracks, mix, pitch-bend, crossfade, apply effects, loop, and loads more – all in the palm of your hand.

It’ll detect beats for you, let you change the pitch of a tune, and offers full cueing and cue search. It’s fully capable of delivering a perfectly mixed DJ set from the palm of your hand.

It’ll even save all the mixes you make onto its own hard disk, or let you transfer them to your PC via its USB 2.0 port.

If you’re into DJing, or just want to see what else you can do with your huge library of tunes, give the Tonium Pacemaker a go. Your tunes will never seem the same again.

Why is it mental?

It’s a complete set of decks, a 120GB MP3 player, effects unit and professional DJ device that fits in the palm of your hand. ‘Nuff said!

2). iBlaze iPod Bag, for putting an iPod in a bag

iBlaze iPod bag

What is it?

What list of audio gadgets would be complete without an iPod, er, bag?! The iBlaze iPod bag doesn’t just let you carry your iPod around, though; no, that would be far too straightforward! The iBlaze goes one better and actually integrates itself into your iPod, letting you control your trusty little MP3 player with the bag’s external controls.

Why is it mental?

Used by geek posers, who’d like to think that pushing buttons on a bag to control their tunes makes them alpha-geek. The only problem, of course, is that no-one else knows what they’re doing, as they’re the only one who can hear what’s going on!

There must be some way of integrating the iBlaze bag with the Alesis Transactive Mobile, surely?!

1). Radio Shark 2

Radio Shark 2

What is it?

Finally, the Radio Shark 2 is billed as being like Sky+ for radio. You plug it into your PC via USB, and it’ll scan the airwaves for AM/FM radio stations as well as the Internet for Internet radio stations. As well as being able to search for different radio stations from either the airwaves or the Internet, you can also record programs, including entire series, just like you can with a Sky+ box. You can pause and rewind live radio, and automatically store any recordings you want directly to iTunes.

Why is it mental?

Rumour has it this started life as a product for Radio Shack, but something got lost in translation, and so ended up as a Radio Shark instead.

The End

Here ends the first of a regular series of weird and wonderful Mental Media gadgets. Video’s next, so stay tuned for that, or better still, subscribe to our feed for instant updates.

And if you know of any audio gadgets we’ve missed, feel free to add them in the comments.

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