Panasonic BluRay player with ultimate accessory: VHS

25 August 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Panasonic BluRay player complete with VHS
There’s been a huge variety of different technologies over the years for playing back video on your TV. Everything from Betamax and VHS through to DVD and now BluRay. The engineers over at Panasonic were clearly reflecting on these different ideas one night, when one of them suddenly had a brain wave and thought: “I know! Why don’t we include all of these technologies in one box?!”

Sony, of course, wouldn’t let them add Betamax support, but nobody stopped them adding VHS support! So that’s what they did: they built a state of the art BluRay player and bolted a VHS video recorder onto it as well, presumably just because they could!

Whether anyone prepared to spend $1500 on the latest BluRay payer (for that’s what the Panasonic DMR-BR360V costs) actually owns any old videos that they desperately need to see is anyone’s guess, but Panasonic is clearly hoping they do! My advice: buy an MPEG4 converter to transfer your old analogue VHS tapes to digital. You can do what you want with them, including burn them to DVD, so you don’t have to waste time hideous old VHS technology!

[Source: OhGizmo]

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