Grundig Audion 8 Hi-Fi streams your tunes from anywhere

31 August 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Grundig Audion 8 Wi-Fi Hi-Fi
The new Grundig Audion 8 Hi-Fi was on show at the IFA exhibition last week, and it seems to be quite a performer.

Single-handedly taking on the Philips Streamium range of Wi-Fi Hi-Fis in the features stakes and Bang and Olufsen in the design stakes, the Audion 8 is an extremely flexible Wi-Fi Hi-Fi that can stream just about any type of music you have from any source, and then rip it onto its internal 250GB hard drive.
Grundig Audion 8 Hi-Fi media streamer
The Audio 8 comes with Wi-Fi and Ethernet built-in as well as UPnP, meaning it can hook up with your PC and stream the tunes from there and through its own high quality amp and speakers (meaning you no longer have to play your tunes through your PC’s speakers!)

It also comes with its own CD player (naturally!), 250GB hard drive, onto which you can rip tunes from CDs or any other source, and Internet radio, which apparently can play music from any of over 10,000 different Internet radio stations from around the world. You can even download and save podcasts for later listening.
Grundig Audion 8 Hi-Fi with Wi-Fi
There’s also an SD card slot and USB port, enabling you to plug in your MP3 player or even your mobile phone and copy your tunes onto the Audion 8’s hard drive. More impressively, you can even go the other way, and rip the tunes from a CD and copy them directly onto an SD card or to your MP3 player via the USB port, which makes the Audion 8 extremely versatile.

All in all, the Grundig Audion 8 is shaping up to be a genuine challenger to the Philips Streamium and Sony Giga-Juke line of Wi-Fi Hi-Fis. My only criticism would be the design: why do manufacturers insist on making their Wi-Fi Hi-Fis look more like “esoteric” B&O systems than they do regular Hi-Fis? I like the way Hi-Fis look, and have never liked B&O’s overpriced designs!

Gripe aside, the Audion 8 looks to be a class act, and it’s great to see yet more manufacturers entering the fast-emerging Wi-Fi Hi-Fi market.

[Source: SlashGear]


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