The sexiest DVD player this year

31 August 2008 No Comment admin

LG DVS450H DVD player

LG, like me, must have been looking around the DVD player market recently and yawned at how dreary and boring all the designs have been. There has been nothing new and exciting around for a long time, so LG decided to spice things up a little and produce the DVS450H DVD player.

Ok the name looks like they set up a darts board with a load of letters and numbers and just took it in turns to throw a dart to pick the name but it is a very sexy looking piece of equipment. The DVS450H is not fussy how she is used; you can mount her horizontally, vertically or up against the wall for all to see.

Standing tall and thin, with a glossy black finish and minimalistic control this DVD player is a real design treat, but its beauty is not just “skin” deep. With the HDMI port the DVS450H supports full HD resolution; the player will even upscale regular DVD to near HD quality for you. It also has a USB port so you can plug in an external hard drive and watch all your favourite films and videos “borrowed” from the Web. Most things should play as the DVS450H supports many of the common file types: DivX, WMA, DivX HD, Xvid-H, MP3 and JPEG.

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