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Sep 30, 2008

Sharp XS1 LED TV with Bluetooth tuner

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Shapr XS1 LCD TV

Sharp have been showing off their buzzwords at CEATEC 2008, with their new Sharp XS1 HDTV. It’s a bit of a giant, coming in at 65″ with an aluminium frame. Although not quite as slim as Sony’s 40″ LCD TV that was also on display at CEATEC 2008 (the XS1 is 22.8mm thin compared with […]

Sep 30, 2008

Sony 40" LCD TV is thinner than a RAZR

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Thin is definitely in this year in the realm of digital TVs, and Sony is at the forefront of this new push for super-thin TVs. At this year’s CEATEC 2008 show, the company has just unveiled the Sony KDL-40ZX1X, a 40″ LCD TV that’s just 9.9mm thin at its thinnest section.

Sep 29, 2008

iRiver MPlayer Eyes – the world's cutest MP3 player?

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iRiver MPlayer Eyes MP3 player

IRiver have released what could possibly be the cutest MP3 player in the world. The iRiver MPlayer Eyes is based on the famous sillhouette of Mickey Mouse, but without any Mickey-like features, it looks more like a frog(well, ti does to me, anyway!) Regardless, frog or mouse, it’s a damn sight cuter than the hideous […]

Sep 28, 2008

New Speaker Buddies bring that traumatized child look to your Hi-Fi!

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If you’ve often thought that what your Hi-Fi setup really needs is a speaker shaped like a cowering child with a hoodie, then you need the SpeakerBuddy. Just a protoype at the moment, but designer Alex Underwood is hopeful of production. Explaining his inspiration for the SpeakerBuddies, Underwood said they’re meant to “…capture child-like memories […]

Sep 28, 2008

Huge Smartpants Digital Picture Frame exposes fat asses

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Smartpants SP3200WF digital picture frame

Obviously it’s the night of the super-huge! After Panasonic started selling their 103″ HDTV, Smartpants have announced their new Smartpants SP3200WF Wi-Fi enabled digital picture frame, and it’s a big-un! 32 inches big to be precise. As you can see from the pic, it looks more like a picture than a photo, and at 32″, […]

Sep 28, 2008

Panasonic sells $70,000 HDTV as the world goes bust

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Panasonic 103

Sep 28, 2008

AirCurve: Music without speakers or wires

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AirCurve iPhone Dock

I know the couple of entries have been relating to the iPod and iPhone but I promise we are not turning into fan boys, there are just some interesting accessories appearing on the market recently. This iPod docking station from Griffin is no exception. The AirCurve for the iPhone and iPhone 3G is described as

Sep 28, 2008

iPhone powered by the sun

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solar powered iPhone case

Solar power, coud it be the answer to our power crisis? Well no, it is not efficient enough yet but it will charge your iPhone in less than 3 hours. A solar powered iPhone leather case has gone on sale and hopes to be the answer to the iPhones shocking bad battery life. The case […]

Sep 26, 2008

Mental chargers: iPod and iPhone chargers with a difference

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iYo YOYO iPod charger

iYo YOYO We saw the iYo YOYO (pictured above) and memories of our childhood came rushing back, yoyos are versatile toys; you can walk the dog, go around the world and now you can even charge you iPod or iPhone with one. The Swedish designer Peter Thuvander has taken your average yoyo added a little […]

Sep 25, 2008

Overpriced Sony Bravia streamers ignore the credit crunch

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SOny Bravia DMX-WL1 Wireless Link Module

Sony have released a range of new Bravia Link modules that expand your Sony Bravia HDTVs, letting them link with a plethora of other devices, and wirelessly stream HDTV from other sources to your Bravia TV. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly cheap, and certainly don’t offer all that much in the way of functionality when you […]