New Apple iPods and Apple TV to be announced tomorrow?

8 September 2008 One Comment Mike Evans

Apple iPods and Apple TV
The Apple rumour mill has gone into overdrive again, as Steve Jobs prepares to work his magic on a million fanboys at Apple’s Let’s Rock event in San Francisco tomorrow (actually today, given that I’m posting this past midnight! Ah, the joy of blogging – whatever happened to sleep?!)

All sorts of speculation is up in the air as fanboy after fangirl posts their wishlist of what they want to see Jobs announce.

Top of the list seems to be a new range of updated iPods, with new Nanos expected to be announced. Given the amount of leaked spyshots doing the rounds, this rumour seems to be pretty much a certainty.

iTunes 8 is also expected to be announced, with rumours suggesting it’ll feature all sorts of new ways to sort through the billions of different tunes it now hosts, including a smart new recommendation engine called “Genius” that generates playlists by recognizing certain qualities in a song and selecting other songs with similar qualities (though there’s no discussion yet as to what these ‘qualities’ might be).

Finally, remember Apple TV? No, nor does anyone else, but the rumours are really starting to fly about an updated version called Apple TV 3.0, which hopefully really will be a worthwhile product that might even shift a few units. One of the more excitable posts was from Peter Magnusson, who suggested the following features:

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