New Microsoft Zune with a whole list of lame

8 September 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

New Microsoft Zune announced
The day before Apple is set to announce its new line-up of iPods, Microsoft has tried to steal some of its thunder by announcing some new features for its lame Zune. The Zune, if you recall, was meant to challenge the iPod by offering WiFi connectivity that would enable owners to share music wirelessly between other Zunes.

Unfortunately, this feature was never actually implemented (at least, not in a usable way), as Microsoft, under the insistence of the major record companies, had to hobble the feature to stop the prolific sharing (or “theft”, as the record companies insist on calling it) of music by music fans.

The new Zune isn’t much better. You can now download tunes from Microsoft’s music store using WiFi (although it beggars belief that you couldn’t do this in the first place), and you can also tag a tune that you hear on its built-in radio, and then download it as soon as you’re in range of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This is an interesting attempt to differentiate the Zune form the iPod, but has one tiny flaw – when was the last time you heard a tune you wanted to buy on the radio?! That’s the whole point of music sharing – you get the tunes you want for yourself from recommendations from your friends, or from hearing them from clubs. By the time they’ve hit the radio, they’re so old only your Mum or your Gran would want to buy them (or, worse still, your Dad, which can be the only explanation for why Maria Carey still keeps selling records!)

As if all this lameness wasn’t enough, Microsoft piles on some more by offering music channels that feature tunes picked by what it calls “experts from the music industry”! Personally, if I’m going to listen to tunes selected by someone else, I’d rather they were picked by DJs who’d tested them in the field at clubs!

The list of lame goes on, but it would depress you, so I’ll simply point you to the press release.

[Source: Microsoft]


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