Pinnacle squeezes HDTV into a USB stick

8 September 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Pinnacle PCTV HD Mini stick - HDTV in a USB stick
If you love the thought of HDTV but can’t yet afford the high prices, Pinnacle might just have the answer for you. With technology that can only be witchcraft, they’ve squeezed all the gubbins needed for HDTV reception into a tiny USB stick, which you can slot into your PC or Mac, and instantly turn your computer into an HDTV.

Pinnacle HDTV in a USB stick

The Pinnacle PCTV HD Mini Stick (and the more awkwardly named Pinnacle TV for Mac HD mini stick) does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s an HDTV tuner that plugs into your PC or Mac and lets you watch free digital TV (such as Freeview HD) or unencrypted digital cable TV (i.e. Dave!) on your computer’s monitor, and all in glorious 1080i resolution.

As well as a remote control, the Pinnacle HDTV USB sticks a cable jack, for receiving your pics via cable, a TV antenna connection, and even an aerial, each of which will let you receive the free HDTV programmes that are being broadcast in your area.

You can even record the programmes directly to your hard disk and subsequently upload them directly onto a PSP or iPod.

The HDTV Mini Sticks will be available on September 21st, priced at $120 for the PC version and $130 for the Mac.

[Source: Electronista]


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