Access 1TB of tunes and videos from your iPhone

10 September 2008 One Comment Mike Evans

Buffalo LS-GL NAS network attached storage device for the iPhone
Buffalo have launched a new Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, the Buffalo LS-GL series, that can store up to 1TB of photos, MP3s or video, and wirelessly send them to a device of your choice. What device would that be? Well, how about an iPhone, as Buffalo have kindly developed an iPhone application that lets you browse your multimedia content as if it was on the iPhone itself.

Of course, if you’d prefer, you can just send them to a PC or Mac as well, but accessing them via the iPhone is so much cooler!

Better still, the Buffalo NAS even supports 3G, so you can access your videos, tunes or pics from your iPhone wherever in the world you happen to be. It can even backup photos from a digital camera directly without the need for a PC. Nice Buffalo!

[Source: AkihabaraNews]

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