Store the Web in a box with the 4TB Bit-Torrent iPhone Friendly Buffalo NAS

11 September 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Buffalo 4TB NAS
Forget 1TB – Buffalo have launched another NAS, this time with a whopping 4TB of space (enough to cram the whole Web inside it – well, the bits without video and images at any rate!). Not only that, it also comes with RAID 5 support for serious speed, and connects to virtually anything, thanks to DLNA support.

With DLNA, you can consume all the tunes, videos and photos that are stored in the Buffalo NAS from any suitably-equipped DLNA device, such as your HDTV or mobile phone (many top-end Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones, such as the Nokia N82 support DLNA). You can even consume them directly from your iPhone thanks to an iPhone app.

Better still, though, the Buffalo NAS supports Bit-Torrent, meaning you can download whatever you want directly onto its 4TB hard disk without even firting up your PC.

If you’re a serious downloader, you simply have to get it!

[Source: Akihabara News]


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