Chip off the old "Blok" for the iPod

12 September 2008 One Comment admin

Revo Wooden iPod Dock

You can find all sorts of docking systems for the iPods, there are weird and wonderful shapes, sizes and even ones attached to televisions but now you can add a little class to your place with Revo’s wooden iPod docking system, “Blok”. Blok was launched during IFA 2008 and offers 40 watt speaker and contains a Class D amplifier. Class D amplifiers are small, light and provide excellent power efficiency.
Revo wooden iPod docking system and remote

Revo says that in a category “dominated by black and white plastic rivals” the wooden Blok, will “redefine what can be expected” from an iPod dock. Big words but can they deliver. In my opinion Blok does look a lot nicer than any other iPod dock I have seen but then I do prefer the warm natural look of wood compared to the plastic.

Blok is made from American walnut or black oak with the switches, inlays and bezels all made from aluminium. That strange round thing is not a place mat for your coffee cup, that is Blok’s ergonomically designed remote control, known simply as KONTROL. KONTROL is a wonderful blend of soft touch plastics and aluminium that offers full control over your iPod.

Blok’s beautifully crafted wooden casing is not only for aesthetics, it is fundamental in achieving Blok’s rich, natural sound. You can also be assured that audio performance is of a Hi-Fi standard as Blok uses NXT

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  1. NXT? They used to be a big feature in Sharper Image sound systems, no bass weak mid range – not worth 200! Looks familiar, too:

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