Kenwood compete with Apple iPod

15 September 2008 No Comment admin

Kenwood DAP

Kenwood are on the attack with 2 new digital audio players (DAP); these little critters pack 2GB or 4GB internal memory depending on the model you go for. Both versions have something the iPod nano doesn’t, a Micro SD slot. This small addition adds up to a big difference, with a Micro SD card you are able to expand the memory of these DAPs and more than double their capacity.

Kenwood have worked hard on these new DAPs and their hard work has paid off, their improved DAC really enhances the sound quality and means listening to your music, whether it is in MP3, WMA or ACC, is a real pleasure.

The use of a 1.5-inch OLED rather than a LCD means these DAPs are able to squeeze a massive 54 hours of continuous play out of a single charge . Not sure if there is enough to give Apple a real challenge but Kenwood is definitely giving it a go.

[Source: Akibahara News]


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