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16 September 2008 No Comment admin

iRiver Mickey
iRiver are a little like Nintendo in the way they like to push the envelope on user interfaces and methods of interaction. The iRiver Spinn is a good example of iRiver going down a different route to everyone else and coming up with a truly outstanding PMP; the iRiver Mickey player is not another example I am afraid.
iRiver Mickey in hand

This tiny player measuring a mere 3cm across and weighing only 18g is not going to revolutionise anything, but styled after the famous high pitched cartoon mouse this is going to appeal to kids. iRiver are well known for making solid, robust products but I do wonder how well those ears will stay on with children fiddling with them to change the track of alter the volume.

The iRiver Mickey Mouse mp3 player is, as you can tell from the first image, official endorsed by Disney and was originally only available in their theme parks, then it was available in Asia and now Britain can get its hands on this cute little MP3 player from iRiver.

There is around 9 hours of playback and you get 1GB of internal memory to store all your favourite songs on, there is no screen, but you do get a LED to let you know when it is on and stuff.

You can pick one up for just

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