iPod Karaoke with the Memorex SingStand

21 September 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Memorex SingStar iPod karaoke machine
Memorex have come up with an interesting add-on for your iPod or MP3 player – a sophisticated microphone and microphone stand that cuts out the vocals from your tunes and lets you belt out your own vocals over the music. Or, to put it simply, an iPod Karaoke microphone stand.

As if the X-Factor wasn’t bad enough at encouraging millions of warbling wannabes, the new SingStand could see even more hoardes of hopelesses (i.e. the opposite of hopefuls) think they’ve got what it takes to be exploited for prime time telly.

Or maybe not – although undoubtedly a good piece of kit and an innovative fusion of the old (ye olde microphone stand) and the new (the iPod), the Memorex SingStand does have one small drawback – it doesn’t display the lyrics from your tunes, so you have to rely on remembering them.

This might be enough to put off the average X-Factor wannabe, although they might not even realize that the lyrics they think they know aren’t actually the ones being sung by the artist. According to the highly dubious respected UK tabloid the Daily Star, iPod users are increasingly mishearing the lyrics in songs, either due to poor sound quality, poor quality headphones, or just poor singing and no lyric sheet to sing along with.

The result, apparently, is that youngsters think Kurt Cobain was singing “Here we are now, in containers” in Smells Like Teen Spirit, while Michael Stipe was asking everyone “Let’s wee in the corner”!

[Source: Electronista]

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