New Speaker Buddies bring that traumatized child look to your Hi-Fi!

28 September 2008 One Comment Mike Evans

If you’ve often thought that what your Hi-Fi setup really needs is a speaker shaped like a cowering child with a hoodie, then you need the SpeakerBuddy.

Just a protoype at the moment, but designer Alex Underwood is hopeful of production. Explaining his inspiration for the SpeakerBuddies, Underwood said they’re meant to “…capture child-like memories and emotions.” Which does make you wonder exactly what memories Mr Underwood has a child!

Anyway, disturbing thoughts aside, if you’re interested in giving your home audio a more (traumatized) human look, contact Alex and ask if he’ll make them for you.

[Source: Alex Underwood, via Coolest-Gadgets]

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