Sharp XS1 LED TV with Bluetooth tuner

30 September 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Shapr XS1 LCD TV
Sharp have been showing off their buzzwords at CEATEC 2008, with their new Sharp XS1 HDTV. It’s a bit of a giant, coming in at 65″ with an aluminium frame. Although not quite as slim as Sony’s 40″ LCD TV that was also on display at CEATEC 2008 (the XS1 is 22.8mm thin compared with the Sony’s 9.9mm – why do we measure screen size in inches but thickness in millimetres?!), the XS1 is by far the more innovative.
Sharp XS1 LCD TV with the Sharp VOD service
How so? Well, the XS1 has also had its internal gubbins removed like the Sony TV, but instead of a dedicated box wirelessly streaming content to the TV via proprietary wireless technology, the XS1 uses Bluetooth to do the streaming

It also comes with an LED backlight to give a brightness of 450cd/m2, which apparently means something to some people!

In addition, Sharp have also announced their new Video On Demand service, which lets you watch video streamed form the Internet, as well as browse the Web and read the newspaper.

Eh? Yup, will let you read an online magazine that’s exactly the same as its paper version.

Note entirely sure why you’d want to do this when the same content is usually available on the Web anyway (and better formatted than a scanned magazine, no matter how good the scanning technology used!), but you can’t have too much choice(can you?!)

[Source: Akihabara News]


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