Sony 40" LCD TV is thinner than a RAZR

30 September 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Thin is definitely in this year in the realm of digital TVs, and Sony is at the forefront of this new push for super-thin TVs. At this year’s CEATEC 2008 show, the company has just unveiled the Sony KDL-40ZX1X, a 40″ LCD TV that’s just 9.9mm thin at its thinnest section.
Sony KDL-40ZX1X LCD TV on its side
How did they achieve such thinness? Simple – they stripped out most of the gubbins of your average HDTV and placed them in an external box. The TV, then, is left with just one HDMI port, while the wireless box comes with 3 HDMI, s-video,VGA, 2 component ports, USB, mouse port and LAN – phew!

Of course, you could call this approach cheating, but when the result looks this good, who cares?!

[Source:, Gizmodo]


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