Chord Gem Bluetooth HiFi takes on the Squeezebox

7 October 2008 One Comment Mike Evans

Chord Chordette Gem Bluetooth HiFi wireless music streamer
The Chord Bluetooth Chordette Gem is a brand new music streamer that’ll let you stream music across a Bluetooth connection (yes, even your mobile phone) direct to your HiFi. In many ways, it’s pitched squarely against the Logitech Squeezebox, as both boxes plug into your HiFi and act almost as super-fancy adaptors, enabling a device with music on (e.g. you PC, walkman, mobile phone, etc.) to play music through a device that’s designed to play it well (i.e. your HiFi!)
Chord Gem Wireless music streamer
The Squeezebox does this using WiFi, and so was designed primarily to wirelessly stream the tunes from your PC through to your HiFi. In contrast, the Chord Gem takes a different approach, using Bluetooth as its preferred technology for streaming. The advantage this gives is that you can stream your tunes from many more devices than your PC. For example, you can stream your tunes from your mobile phone, a Bluetooth MP3 player, and yes, even your PC (USB Bluetooth adaptors cost


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  1. You say

    “You can even plug an external hard disk into the Chord and play the tunes from that without the need for a PC, as it

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