Look like a Borg with the Nikon Media Port UP

8 October 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Nikon Media Port UP media player
This interesting device is, believe it or not, a complete media player with video and audio playback, 8GB of internal memory, and even built-in WiFi. Called the Media Port UP, it’s been developed by none other than Nikon.

Yes, that’s right – Nikon, the Japanese camera manufacturer!

|n a long meandering press release, they talk about how they’ve always focused on imaging, and that as the Media Port UP lets you watch video, it’s also about video, too. But really, they’re not fooling anyone! Indeed, it sounds like they’re trying to convince themselves rather than us.

Simply put, Nikon are quite possibly the last manufacturer on earth who you’d have thought would have developed the Media Port UP!
Nikon media player
Intriguingly, the device has a motion-sensor that’s used to control such things as volume. Move your head up, for example, and the volume rises. Lower it down, and the sound goes quiet. What happens when you’re nodding in head in time with your tunes, though, or laughing at a particularly funny video?

This device is just odd in every single way. It looks odd, its features are odd, and the fact that it’s made by Nikon is odd. It’s destined for the Japanese market only, though, which at least suggests that Nikon realize how odd it is!

[Source: CoolGadgetConcept]


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