Apple takes on Sony with Wi-Fi TV.

12 October 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Apple TV
A new rumour suggests Apple is working on its own TV. This isn’t the first time Apple has been involved with the TV market. It’s less-than successful Apple TV set top box has been around for a couple of years now. However, the rumours suggest that Apple aren’t just working on another set top box to replace Apple TV, but rather an entire Apple-branded TV effectively pitching the company against the likes of Sony, Panasonic and Sharp.

The rumours suggest that Apple will take the guts of Apple TV and plug them into their own TV, complete with a Wi-Fi connection so that TV shows can be streamed through the device without the need for a PC.

CNet’s Nate Lanxon thinks the move is a good idea. “Apple has really gone to town with the iTunes Store, ” he said. “…Why would it sit back while movie fans go out and buy some generic HDTV to connect up to their PC to watch this content?”

The move into the TV market would see Apple further completing its transition into a home entertainment manufacturer, after the success of the iPod and iPhone have effectively turned the computer company into the world’s most-loved gadget manufacturer.

With the success of the iPhone, Apple must have looked around to see what other gadget it could produce, with TVs being the next logical step, given the video content that’s distributable on iTunes.

Indeed, iTunes has become possibly the most valuable asset Apple has, as all of its recent releases hang off it, with music, videos and more recently, iPhone apps all being sold through the store and helping to drive sales of its gadgets.

iTunes, then, in combination with the adoration of millions of Apple fanboys, are what Apple is banking on to give them the competitive edge over the likes of Sony in the notoriously cut-throat world of consumer TVs.

They might just succeed, too. As a blogger of all things home entertainmenty, the one thing I’ve noticed about HDTVs is how commoditized the market is. There isn’t a single iconic HDTV that anyone can actually name. They all have product names that are just seemingly randomly arranged sequences of letters and numbers. If Apple were to burst onto the scene with an instantly recognizable brand name the same way it did with the mobile phone market, the TV manufacturers might have a huge struggle on their hands to compete.

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