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13 October 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Korg DS-10 for Nintendo DS

Korg DS-10 for Nintendo DS
In the world of music making, software synths have dominated in recent years, with all manner of old and new synths being emulated on PCs and Macs. Now, though, a new platform might jsut be about to emerge that could potentially change the entire field of music.

That platform is the Nintendo DS, which is the unlikely gadget for the new Korg DS-10 Synth emulator. The DS-10 is software that you install onto your DS and control via your DS’s stylus, letting you play all sorts of synthesized sounds.

Korg DS-10 synth emulator for Nintendo DS

Korg DS-10 for Nintendo DS

What type of sounds? Those of a Korg MS10, no less, a vintage old analogue synth that was cutting edge back in 1978, and which had leads and pipes and even steam controlled oscillators (OK, I made that last bit up!)

Now, vintage analogue synth emulators have been around for years, so why do I say the Korg DS-10 could transform music making? Simple: accessibility. Existing emulators are designed for PCs and Macs, usually as plugins to horrendously complicated music applications.

In contrast, the Korg DS-10 sits on the Nintedo DS and just lets you play music, using the stylus as your instrument. You can create new sounds, compose tunes, play the whole thing back again, and – the best bit – hook up several DS’s together via the DS’s built-in WiFi link and play sweet music from all the connected devices.

The features the DS-10 offers you include:

  • Two patchable dual-oscillator analog synth simulators
  • Four-part drum machine that uses sounds created with the analog synth simulator
  • Six-track (analog synth x 2, drum machine x 4) /16-step sequencer
  • Delay, chorus, and flanger sound effects available from the mixing board
  • Three note-entry modes: touch-control screen, keyboard screen, matrix screen
  • Real-time sound control mode via touch-control screen
  • Exchange sounds and songs and play multiple units simultaneously through a wireless communications link

AQI have a demo of the Korg DS-10 in action, so you can hear what it sounds like yourself. Or just watch the video and be amazed at the power of this thing! All for just


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