Twinned MP3 player forces James Blunt on you

13 October 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Twinned MP3 player
If your significant other is just as much a gadget freak as you are, then you might want to think about the Twinned MP3 player. As you can see from the pic, the Twinned is actually two MP3 players in one,and can snap apart so that you both get one half of the device. Each half can play tunes, but the twist comes with the playlist – you can only update it when the two halves are snapped together.

This means that once you’ve downloaded the tunes you want, the playlist is locked and you’ll end up listening to what your boyfriend or girlfriend is listening to.

All very nice and twee, you might think, but there’s a good reason boys don’t listen to James Blunt – he’s crap! Try and remove him from the ‘shared’ playlist, though, and I guarantee you’ll get an earful for the rest of eternity!

You’ll therefore be left with a choice: listen to your partner’s playlist until deafness ends your millennial misery, or split up now!

Nice romantic idea, I’m sure, but somehow I think the Twinned Mp3 player will actually break up more couples!

Fortunately, it’s just a concept at the moment. For the sake of humanity (or at least, future couples!), let’s hope it stays that way!


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