LG Scarlet LG80 sounds as good as it looks

14 October 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

LG have announced the new LG Scarlet LG80 LCD TV. Another in the line of LG Scarlet TVs, the new LG80 not only looks fantastic, it sounds great too. It’s been designed to complement home theatre systems by offering superb audio with a built-in 3.1 speaker system, with speakers that automatically slide out of the set when it’s switched on.

The LG80 Scarlet’s Audio Features

The LG80 comes with a total of four speakers, and can pump out 50W of sound.

The slide out speakers at the side of the LG80 create a sense of space, while the speaker in the middle is dedicated to human voices.

Finally, there’s a woofer in the back to enhance bass and stop the sound from the TV sounding too tinny (a common complaint from most TV speakers).

Further enhancing the sound is LG’s Clear Voice technology, which emphasizes human voices to stop them being drowned out when loud background music is being played. The result, claim LG, is audio with no clipping or distorted sound, even at maximum volume.

The LG80 Scarlet’s TV features

As a TV, the LG80 Scarlet isn’t exactly poor on features either. Offering 1080p full HD and a30,000:1 contrast ratio, the LG80 can provide extremely sharp pictures with deep blacks.

The LG80 also comes with a USB port, into which you can slot a USB stick and playback JPEG files or watch digital video files. There’s also two HDMI 1.3 ports for connection to DVD players and the like.


The LG Scarlet range of TVs have always looked glorious, with their red trim and deep black casings. Now, with the addition of the LG80 Scarlet to the range, they’ve added a new model with stunning sound as well. And I love the slide-out speakers – a real talking point for your lounge!

Teh LG80 Scarlet release date is set for October in all markets except North America and Europe – which is a bit odd, as now’s the run-up to the Christmas shopping period in just those markets! Sure it won’t be long before it’s released here too.


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