Flip Mino: the next craze in tiny camcorders?

17 November 2008 2 Comments admin

flip mino

Looks can be deceiving, this stylish little number may have the appearance of a remote control but the simple design hides a camcorder with 2GB of memory (enough to record an hour of standard VGA video).
Flip mino
Once upon a time people wanted their camcorder to have all the bells and whistles that money could buy but in recent years there is has been a growing interest in a camcorder which can fit in your pocket and can upload your movies to the sites like YouTube with a simple click of a button.
The Flip Mino is the descendent of the hugely successful Flip Ultra. Weighing only 90g, the Flip Mino is hardly noticeable bouncing around in your pocket. The 4 hour battery life is not bad, so it shouldn’t cut out on you mid shot. Priced at only

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  1. I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s so simple and easy to use, it makes up for that small motion blur flaw. The portability makes this item key, so you’ll be using it more often (which is what really counts).

  2. It is a very neat little device, I am going to give it the ultimate test and take it up with me when I go paragliding in Spain in January. It should give it a real challenge, it will be interesting to see how much motion blur I will get.

    I will let you know how it goes if I come back safely.

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