How to create creepy speakers

25 November 2008 No Comment admin

Munny Speaker

A little while ago we wrote about the SpeakerBuddy which reminded us of a cowering child with a hoodie (not sure what that says about our state of mind) but kitting out your Hi-Fi with little people shaped speakers can be a bit on the pricy side. With the recession looming we all need to save the change where we can, so how about creating your own “SpeakerBuddy”?
axe Munny

To make your very own person shaped speaker you simply have to butcher a little toy called “Munny” which can be purchased at Kidrobot. There are a selection of colours and styles. If you find having little people with music blearing out of their faces is not creepy enough for you, you could have one of these speaker people hold an axe as pictured.

The general process for creating these speakers is extreamly easy and logical and involves cutting the face off the Munny and replacing it with a speaker. For the full step by step instructions with useful pictures check out Munny Speakers at Instructables.

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