Spotify music streaming review – one go and you're hooked!

5 December 2008 3 Comments Mike Evans

Spotify music streaming service
The blogosphere is currently awash with rave reviews about the new Spotify music streaming service. Spotify is a new take on music downloading in that you don’t download music at all – you stream it onto your PC.

Now I’m usually skeptical about such things, but Spotify is different – it’s bloody brilliant!

There are four key things that make Spotify unique, and which seem to have got the blogosphere so excited.

1. Speed and ease of use

OK, so that’s probably two things, but no matter. One of the best things about Spotify is its speed. You download a tiny client onto your machine, and within seconds you’re listening to the tunes you want to listen to, and in glorious 160kb-encoded Ogg Vorbis sound, too, which although not quite CD quality, it’s equivalent to DAB radio.

It really is ludicrously fast. Although you stream the music from Spotify’s server, there’s no delay whatsoever. Simply type in the name of the artist you want to listen to, click on a track, and bingo, you’re listening to it! Even the search is lightning fast.

It might be different once the service takes off, but at the moment, there’s no delay whatsoever. It’s actually quicker to listen to tunes on Spotify than it is to insert a CD and listen to it on your CD player.

2. Number of tunes

I’ve no idea how many tunes Spotify has, but it’s collection is vast. My tastes are, er, somewhat eclectic, yet it still pulls up tracks from the artists you want. I even typed in “Tiefschwartz”, which an incorrect spelling, and it responded instantly saying “did you mean “Tiefschwarz?” I clicked on yes, and instantly up popped dozens of Tiefschwarz tunes.

Never heard of Tiefscwarz? That’s my point! Obscure niche artists aren’t left out.

Neither are the big names, either. Lily Allen, Sugababes, Girls Aloud, even Radiohead and the Beatles, all are contained within Spotify’s gigantic database. Which leads me onto the third great thing of Spotify…

3. Support from the major record labels

Spotify is legit. Yes, it’s true, this vast record library is available because nearly all of the major record labels are on board. EMI, Universal, Sony BMG and Warner are all on board, giving Spotify access to a huge range of tunes. How does Spotify do this? Simple. It’s business model is what the majors should have looked into delivering years ago, rather than suing the arse off its customers.

Spotify, you’ll recall, is a music streaming service rather than a music download service. The tunes are streamed to your machine, so they don’t actually exist as a file that you can then share to your mates. This makes the record labels very happy.

There are three options you can choose to listen to your tunes.


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  1. Spotify is amazing and the rate it has spread only goes to reinforce that it is desperately what the music industry needs.
    Unsigned artists can get their music on there free of charge as well, through
    Have just put my first album on there, am very interested how it will fair in the way of profits.

    Well done Spotify!!!

  2. check out if you wont to record direct from spotify 😀

  3. “in glorious 160kb-encoded Ogg Vorbis sound”

    “Glorious”??? Rlly? 😛 160kb makes my ears bleed, wich is why im goin with Spotify Premium.
    320kb tyvm 🙂

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