Sony DAVDZ260 – a bargain Sony DVD receiver for your xmas stocking

9 December 2008 One Comment Mike Evans

Sony DVD Receiver - the Sony DAVDZ260
The Sony DAVDZ260 is a Sony DVD receiver that’s chock full of features, but is now available at a bargain price. A DVD receiver is simply a home theater system with a DVD player and radio built-in. Sony takes this concept one step further with the Sony DAVDZ260 (which I’m struggling not to call the Sony David!) by stuffing it to the gunnells with a plethora of other
connectivity options that let you pipe your tunes through the DAVDZ260’s meaty 140W per channel amp.

As such, it acts as an extension to the humble DVD player by playing your films, videos and tunes through an audio-grade 5.1 surround sound amp, letting you hear your media in ways you’ve probably not heard for a while!

Indeed, this is one of the problems with digital media. The boxes on which it’s stored (e.g. your PC, MP3 player, USB stick, etc.) are all very clever, but they don’t go out of their way to provide an enhanced listening experience.

This is somewhat ironic – we’ve freed the music with digital technology, giving us a much broader range of tunes to listen to, but restricted its quality, certainly when compared with previous Hi-Fi units of old.

The Sony DAVDZ260 and other DVD receivers like it aim to change all that by providing a central hub that plugs into your TV and your speakers, and lets you listen to your digital content in glorious clarity – and at 140Watts per channel, your neighbours will hear it too!

Sony DAVDZ260 Overview

Briefly, the Sony DAVDZ260 comes with a DVD player that plays virtually all formats; 5.1 surround sound; FM radio with RDS; a USB port, into which you can slot your MP3 player or mobile phone; and support for Sony’s Direct Port adaptor.

This latter device is an optional extra that lets you not only connect your devices to the DAVDZ260 using a variety of different connectivity options (including Wi-Fi), it also lets you control those devices (well, at least the Sony ones!) via the DAVDZ260’s remote control.

Why you should buy the Sony DAVDZ260 DVD receiver

The Sony DAVDZ260 isn’t perfect, and there are many other competitors out there, but the reason you should go out and get one for Christmas is that’s just had something of a price reduction! EmpireDirect, for example, are currently selling the Sony DAVDZ260 for just


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  1. I got a one from EmpireDirect

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