Sony to release touchscreen Walkman at CES 2009

12 December 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

Sony Touchscreen Walkman at CES 2009
Sony is rumoured to be launching a new touchscreen Wi-Fi-equipped Walkman at CES 2009 in the New Year. The new Walkman will be designed to take on the iPod Touch, and will feature a 3″ OLED touchscreen display with enhanced colours. It’ll also feature Wi-Fi for browsing the Web, watching YouTube videos, and downloading MP3s directly through Amazon MP3.

In addition, the new Sony touchscreen Walkman will offer 16GB or 32GB of storage, an FM radio and a 400 x 240 resolution screen.

Now, all this is fine, but I can’t ehlp but feel that such a device is playing catch-up, and not just with the iPod Touch, either. The new Walkman sports many of the features that the latest mobile phones have had for months (incuding, ironically, Sony Ericsson Walkman phones!)

As such, Sony isn’t just competing with the iPod Touch, it’s competing with the entire mobile phone industry, including its own Sony Ericsson division. I’m not sure what the Sony Touchscreen Walkman offers that the other devices don’t already offer, and given that you can get the phones for free, whereas the new Walkman won’t exactly be cheap, Sony’s gong to have a tough time on its hands getting it shifted.

Still, that said, I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what Sony have in store for us at CES next year, and it certainly makes January much more exciting than it would ordinarily be!

[Source: Electronista]


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