Try the Tria Wireless Vinyl Sound System

17 December 2008 No Comment Mike Evans

TRIA wireless vinyl sound system
Wireless vinyl – now there are two words I never thought I’d see together!

The gorgeous looking sound system you see here could have come straight from the pages of an old 1970s B&O catalogue on how the music systems of the future (i.e. 1995!) might look. It’s called the TRIA, and it’s an oddly shaped wireless sound system designed to stream your tunes from your PC over Wi-Fi, but with one curious twist – it’s actually a wireless record player!

TRIA Wireless vinyl sound system
The large slot in the front of the TRIA is designed to take your 12″ and albums. The TRIA will then play them, as you’d expect, or rip them onto its internal 500GB hard drive, or an external drive via USB.

It looks fantastic, blending old ’70s style techno looks with modern contemporary styling. Alas, though, looks is all the TRIA is about, as it’s nothing more than a concept. The closest thing you’ll get to the TRIA in real life is one of the USB turntables that are designed to rip your old records onto MP3 via a USB port and your PC.

TRIA wireless vinyl sound system
The TRIA probably won’t go on sale, simply because there it’s designed solely to play or rip your vinyl tunes. You can’t DJ with it, so its target market is people who refuse to go digital, and let’s face it, if you’re as resistant to change as that, you’re unlikely to want a sound system as unconventional looking as the TRIA!

Still, designer Ricardo Baiao at Mola Ativism must be congratulated both for the looks of the TRIA and the highly novel concept.

[Source: Yanko Design]


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