I've found the holy grail of all HDTVs

5 January 2009 No Comment Mike Evans

Sony Bravia KDL46Z4500U LCD TV
I was walking round my local electronics store the other day, idly browsing the shelves to see what New Years bargains I could pick up, when I was literally stopped dead in my tracks by, of all things, an HDTV set.

It wasn’t the set itself that stopped me – it was the quality of the images it was producing. Much-hyped words such as life-like, stunning, and amazing simply didn’t do it justice. It was honestly like nothing else I’ve ever seen on an HDTV set before.

It really did look just like real life (except that real life in my case was an electronics store, whereas the HDTV set was showing a clip of Casino Royale, and no matter how hard I looked, Eva Green was nowhere to be seen in the store I was in!)

The colours, the actors, the scenes, everything about it were so real, I kept comparing the background of the shop I was in with the TV image to see if I could spot the difference.

The actors literally jumped out of the set, the action scenes looked better than they ever had before, despite the fact that I’ve seen the film twice, and Eva Green…well, if you ever need to justify the expense of an HDTV set, the sight of Eva Green played through a Blu-Ray player on this TV will justify an entire mortgage for it (assuming banks are still giving out mortgages these days!)

Come on, what HDTV set was it?!

Sony Z4500 HDTV

The HDTV set in question, which you’re obviously dying to know, was one of the Sony Bravia Z4500 range. The one I was looking at was the obscurely-named Sony KDL46Z4500U. It looks like any other HDTV set from the outside.

It doesn’t have the sleek external good looks of a Samsung, or the fancy Ambilight technology of a Philips, but dear gods, the picture quality was so breath-takingly good, none of that would ever matter!

The Sony Z4500 is an LCD TV that’s obviously equipped with 1080p full HD resolution, but what makes it look so real is the 200Hz MotionFlow technology that Sony has endowed it with. This is twice the frame rate that its previous MotionFlow TVs (the W4500 range) have employed, and it ensures that every scene, no matter how fast it moves, is as smooth and sharp as real life. And for once, that’s not just the manufacturer’s gushing blurb – it’s really true! It really does work.

Combine this technology with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, plus 24p True Cinema capability, which enables you to watch a film exactly how the director intended (non-24p TVs tend to speed up the film slightly), and the Sony Bravia Z4500 really has set the benchmark for the most awesome TV of all time!
Sony Bravia Z4500 HDTV
It’s certainly the TV I’ll be using as a benchmark for the other HDTVs that will be announced at CES this Wednesday.

It also comes with Freeview, 4 HDMI sockets, a built-in digital media port for sharing music and photos, and DLNA home networking technology, which means you can view any pics and videos from other DLNA-equipped gadgets, such as PCs, camera phones and digital cameras, directly on the TV.

As well as High Def TV and video, you can also hook the TV up to your PlayStation 3 for what must be unimaginably good quality gaming. And all this from an LCD TV – it’s simply stunning!

So good, I bought the company – well, a new bathroom anyway

Eva Green, as she'd look on the Sony Bravia Z4500 HDTV!
It’s rare that I enthuse so passionately about a gadget, but then it’s rare that one literally stops me in my tracks like the Sony did.

I was going to buy one, as the thought of Eva Green (pictured left, in case you were wondering!) in full and glorious High Def would have kept me going for many a long winter night (and an equally High Def Daniel Craig would have kept my girlfriend quite happy as well!).

But then, a crack appeared in my bath, my sink developed a leak, the handle fell of my toilet cistern, and suddenly I need a new bathroom!

Apparently, new bathrooms aren’t cheap, and so it’s either the Sony Bravia KDL46Z4500U and a year of uncleanliness, or a fully clean me with no new HDTV.

It’s been a tough call, but the bathroom’s won out. Meh!

Do yourself a favour – if you’re after a HDTV, go buy the Sony Bravia KDL46Z4500U. Just don’t tell me how good it is in the comments below. I will cry, I warn you now!

You can buy the Sony Bravia KDL46Z4500U from Empire Direct for just


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