CES 2009: LG launches wireless YouTube-equipped HDTV

8 January 2009 No Comment Mike Evans

As ever, LG pulled out all the stops in the HDTV war at CES, offering HDTVs that combined a wealth of new features with some stunning specs for superb picture quality.

LG Wireless TVs

Yes, you read right, LG were showing off a number of wireless TVs, including the LG LHX Slim and the LG LH85 Wireless. These models are so thin, they need a separate box to receive the media, which is then transferred wirelessly to the TV itself. The advantage of this is that you can put the HDTV anywhere you like in the room – you’re no longer tethered to wherever your TV or video input source is. Your PS3, XBox 360, camcorder, Blu-Ray player and TV input all plug into the Set Top Box, leaving the TV itself completely free of wires save for the power cord.

The downside, of course, is that you’re left with yet another Set Top Box to find a home for, but the convenience of a super-thin wirefree TV must surely outweigh this.

The specs aren’t exactly bad either. Check the specs out for the LG LHX Slim:

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