CES 2009: The JVC TeleDock HDTV with iPod dock

8 January 2009 3 Comments Mike Evans

CES 2009 has begun, and we’re starting our coverage with a roundup of the best HDTV news.

First up is JVC, who had 9 different HDTVs on display from two distinct ranges – its Full HD line and the TeleDock Line.

JVC Full HD line

The JVC Full HD line of TVs does exactly what it says on the tin – offers full HD at 1080/24/30p. Good quality images are claimed, good specs seem evident, but other than that, the JVC Full HD Line seems entirely unremarkable.

JVC TeleDock

Much more interesting is the JVC TeleDock line, a series of Full HD TVs that have an iPod dock attached to them at the bottom. You can plug your iPod directly into them and use the TV’s remote to view pictures and listen to tunes through the TV’s speakers (although this will presumably sound pants! Much better to listen to your tunes through a dedicated iPod dock or your Hi-Fi, rather than through your TV).

With a light diffuser at the front radiating cool blue light underneath the TV and the tight integration with the iPod, the JVC TeleDocks are worthy of your attention (if not your cash) – but there were some much bigger announcements at CES waiting in the wings.


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  2. it sounds really cool that tv with ipod dock.so no hassel to connect cabels from my old ipod dock to tv for watching my favourite videos.and it is charging my ipod while docked.so will be amazing that watching my ipod on big screen.n tv is available in 32,42 and 46 inch option so that is another plus point aswell.i will surely buy this.
    thank you.

  3. Yeah the 2nd commenter gets it all though the original poster doesnt. It would be all about conveniently watching video from the ipod and not listening to audio. I would use it to get video/movies that i had downloaded easily and quickly up for viewing on a bigger screen.

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