CES 2009: Toshiba PS3-powered HDTVs with Wi-Fi

8 January 2009 One Comment Mike Evans

Toshiba Combo HDTV
Not to be outdone by Sharp, Toshiba were showing off a range of LCD TVs that also featured integrated Blu-Ray players (which really must have hurt given the amount of money they spent on their now dead competing technology, HD-DVD). In addition to Blu-Ray, their new HDTVs also featured access to Internet content through Yahoo!’s Widget Channel application that LG have also bolted onto one of their TVs.

Apparently, there will also be wireless connectivity between the TV and your PC as well, enabling you to stream content from your PC directly to your Toshiba TV. No word on specs or pricing yet though.

More intriguingly, Toshiba will also be showing off a prototype of a new range of HDTVs featuring the Cell processor that powers the PS3. This stunningly powerful chip will give Toshiba’s new TVs the ability to record six HD broadcasts simultaneously and upscale full HD (1080p) to an incredible resolution of 3,840 x 2,160p. Apparently, they’ll be showing off a 56″ prototype tomorrow – can’t wait!

[Source: ElectricPig,TechDigest.tv]

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