Samsung MBP200, the world's first pico projector PMP

8 January 2009 No Comment Mike Evans

Samsung MBP200 Pico projector PMP
CES 2009 wasn’t only about HDTVs – a number of stunning new PMPs have also been shown off the by electronic giants. Take, for instance, the Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector. At first glance, it’s a rather boxy-looking Personal Media Player with a 2.2″ screen, but it comes with one rather special feature…
Samsung MBP200 MP4 player with projector
…a pico projector.

A pico projector, if you’ve not heard the term before, is a tiny video projector that can project an image from a device onto a wall or other flat surface. In the case of the MBP200, the 2.2″ image you see on the screen can be projected onto a wall with a viewing area of 50″

This is the perfect combination of technologies – the device itself is small enough to fit in your pocket, while the image it projects is large enough to actually see!

Pico projector technology has been around in prototype form for the past two years or so, but this year at CES we’re finally starting to see some real products being released. Several stand-alone pico projectors were on show, but Samsung scooped them all by including a PMP within theirs.

It was assumed that pico projectors would find their natural home within mobile phones, but I guess the electronics and power requirements of a mobile phone + projector are too great for one device at the moment. A PMP, in contrast, doesn’t need the energy-sapping demands of a wireless radio, so it makes perfect sense to use it as the first device to include a pico projector.

Once the technology is proven, it can then be refined and integrated into a mobile phone, probably in 2010.

Samsung MBP200 specifications

Back to the Samsung MBP200 pico projector PMP though. Here are it specs:

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