CES 2009: JVC launch cat-controlled Hi-Fi with iPod dock

9 January 2009 No Comment Mike Evans

JVC Micro Audio Systems
JVC have been showing off a range of new Micro Audio Systems that integrate nicely with an iPod. I say nicely – the iPod simply slots into a slot at the top, and just sits there looking gormless against the giant black behemoth beneath it! The JVC system might be micro in Hi-Fi terms, but it looks anything but when it’s got an iPod sticking out of its head!

Anyway, onto the system itself. There are three that JVC were showing off – the JVC UX-GN6, UX-LP5 and UX-G200. Of these, the GN6 looks the most interesting, as it seems to be cat controlled. Allow me to explain…

In the spirit of ever-tedious eco-friendliness, JVC has endowed the GN6 with a standby mode, whereby the Micro system falls into a power saving sleep when it’s not been used for a while. No problem there. However, rather than instantly waking up whenever a button is pushed, JVC have incorporated a motion detection system into the GN6, so it wakes up whenever it detects movement directly in front of you.

So, how often do you think the GN6 will wake up each night when your curious and somewhat bored cat decides to spend the whole night running around the room?! Nice idea, but it does smack ever so slightly of badly-thought through gimmick!

The system itself looks pretty good, though. Aside from its physical good looks and its obvious integration with the iPod, it also connects to a variety of other devices through a USB port in the front. Its controls are operated by a ‘laser-touch’ system, which simply means you only have to breath on them for them to operate.

Again, the cat’s going to have a field day – it can wake up the hi-fi by walking in front of it, and then start playing tunes and turning the volume up with just the swish of its tail! What were you thinking of, JVC?!

[Source: Akihabara News]


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