Pioneer confuses Engadget, fans set 'em straight

9 January 2009 No Comment Mike Evans

Pioneer DV-420V DVD player
Pioneer has announced the Pioneer DV-420V at CES 2009, an upscaling DVD player that has two tricks up its sleeve: the ability to rip tunes from a CD and store them as MP3 files onto a USB device (including an MP3 player or external hard-drive); and the ability to confuse the hell out of Engadget!

Pioneer DV-420V overview

Firstly, the DVD player itself. It’s from Pioneer, which means it’s going to be good. The sound quality is apparently the best feature,with 24 bit DACs doing their best to make your tunes and your DVDs sound even better than the real thing (not sure why I’m quoting U2 there – it is late, though!)

The picture quality should also be top rate, as the DV-420V replaces the DV-410V, which was already a bloody good DVD player.

My personal favourite, though, is the CD ripping feature, whereby the DV-420V will rip tunes from a CD, turn them into MP3 files and then dump them on the USB-equipped device of your choice. Certainly not what you’d expect from a DVD player, but a welcome addition nonetheless.

Confusing Engdaget

In its write-up of the DV-420V, Engadget completely missed its ability to rip tracks from CDs, and concluded that:

“…the front-panel USB port enables playback of DivX files and JPEG shots if you find that of interest. We’re thinking not, so you can feel free to save your $90 when it ships this summer.”

This implies a cursory scan over the DV-420V at best, which isn’t what you’d expect from Engadget. Thank gods for the concept of blogging, though, as several fans of Pioneer not only corrected Engadget, they added how great they thought the previous versions of this DVD were.

The moral of the story – sure you may only have ten minutes to write a post, but if you’re not sure about a DVD player that’s standing there in front of you, at least ask the kind gentleman or lady who’s there to answer your questions! Really, Engadget, you should know better by now 😉

[Source: EngadgetHD]


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