CES 2009: Sony's Web Browsing Camera

10 January 2009 No Comment admin

Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-G3

This camera has everything; the picture even has a snazzy “web2.0” reflection. Manufactures have been adding features and gizmos to mobile phones for years but this could be the first sign that cameras are going to get the same treatment. We have been moving towards the one device to control them all for sometime but it has always been MP4 players and mobile phones which have received the attention and had cameras added, and been internet enabled but now it is the digital camera’s turn.
Sony Cyber-shot G3

Sony has pulled one out of the bag with its new Cyber-shot DSC-G3 digital camera, the world’s first camera with a Web browser. We are still reeling from the announcement that cameras come with Wi-Fi but the G3 has taken it up a notch by providing a web browser so you can, among other things, upload your photos and videos to popular sites such as YouTube and Picasa.

And because the Cyber-shot G3 is a camera you get also the usual suspects: 3.5in display, 10MP with 4x optical zoom and a very generous 4GB of internal storage. Digital cameras usually come with so many features that you can spend a year just playing with them all and this one is no different among the plethora of snazzy options and features you get face detection, DNLA support and intelligent scene recognition. As I was looking through the specification, one of the features did catch my eye and so I had to look it up, smile shutter. Now face detection and scene recognition is one thing but smile shutter is built around the intriguing notion that the camera will automatically take a picture the instant your main subject smiles. All I can say is nice. Here is the smile shutter feature in action (not on the G3 but gives you the idea):

With a price tag of $500 it is a little steep but it is available now and Sony even throw in a few years of free AT&T Wi-Fi access (the kind you


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