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Feb 10, 2009

Sony Ericsson AB900 perfects wireless car audio streaming

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Sony Ericsson AB900 wireless audio streamer

Nothing annoys me more than having my tunes in one place (my PC) and my audio equipment somewhere else entirely – like my car, for example. Sure, I can transfer my tunes onto my MP3 player or my mobile phone, but if I want to listen to them on my car stereo, which doesn’t come […]

Feb 8, 2009

Pioneer pulls out of the Plasma TV market

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Pioneer plasma TV

Pioneer are exiting the Plasma TV business. As reported by HDGuru, “…according to industry sources and confirmed by a Nikkei News report, Pioneer Corp. is ending production of its highly rated plasma HDTVs and will be exiting the TV business.” This is awful news. I know the world-wide recession is hitting companies hard, but for […]

Feb 5, 2009

Stephen Fry, the Oscar Wilde of Generation Twitter

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Stephen Fry on twitter

I think I’ve experienced one of the weirdest convergences I’d never expected to see. Stephen Fry was a guest speaker at an Apple Store in London last night, and one of his friends live blogged the entire event via Twitter. Now Stephen, for those of you who don’t know, is not only deeply into Twitter: […]

Feb 3, 2009

Sony sells HDTVs with suspenders

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Sony Bravia ZX1 HDTV

These are hard times for Sony. After projecting a loss of $1.7 billion for 2008, it’s facing 2009 with the prospect of trying to shift some seriously expensive hardware to an indebted market that’s all but dried up. That’s a tough call for Sony’s marketing department, who are tasked with the job of trying to […]