Stephen Fry, the Oscar Wilde of Generation Twitter

5 February 2009 No Comment Mike Evans

Stephen Fry on twitter
I think I’ve experienced one of the weirdest convergences I’d never expected to see. Stephen Fry was a guest speaker at an Apple Store in London last night, and one of his friends live blogged the entire event via Twitter. Now Stephen, for those of you who don’t know, is not only deeply into Twitter: he’s the second most-followed person on Twitter, second only to Barack Obama, no less.

So the combination of Stephen Fry opining about Apple, Barack Obama, the Internet in general, and social media, in a forum that was live blogged around the Web, was surely a turning point in any geek’s life! It was certainly a milestone in the seemingly unstoppable steamroller that is twitter, which seems to have found the most unlikely champion in Stephen Fry.

Perhaps the most ironic part of Stephen’s talk, though, was after the event itself – when he got stuck in a lift leaving the building, and entertained his fellow liftees by twittering his exploits. He even posted a picture of them all via twitpic!

If ever there was an Oscar Wilde for the social media generation, it’s Stephen Fry. You can follow him on Twitter as @stephenfry, read his live-blogged Apple talk at ElectronicPig, and see his lift exploits over at TwitPic.


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