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Mar 11, 2009

Beyond Twitter: How to use GeoBlogging to catch the next social media wave

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Micro-blogging with sites like Twitter is so 2008. The latest trend for the 2009 social media rockstar is to show the world where you are and where you’ve been. It’s now possible to capture not just the time, but your precise location from all manner of different devices, and publish any content you take on […]

Mar 4, 2009

Google CEO bashes Twitter

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt must be getting jumpy. He’s been trash-talking Twitter, calling it a “poor man’s email system.” The King of search really couldn’t be more wrong. Follow these simple steps, Eric, to see why…

Mar 2, 2009

5 gadgets no social media celeb should be without

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Son Cyber-Shot DSC G3 camera

So you want to be Internet famous and become the next social media Rockstar? In this next post on social media, I’ll reveal the best gadgets for the job, as well as some tips on how to choose the best equipment to beat your fellow social media hacks. You’ll be the next Robert Scoble before […]