Alereon NoWire laptop extender: The simplest way to wirelessly stream YouTube videos to your HDTV

6 January 2010 No Comment admin

Watching videos on your laptop is fun. Watching them on your giant 50″ HDTV is better. Much better – it’s what you bought the TV for!

Unfortunately, getting your laptop to stream YouTube clips onto your PC has been a nightmare. You can do it farily simply with a simple HDMI connection, but that involves placing your laptop near your telly and hooking it up with a wire – if you can find the wire in the first place!

Wireless streaming media is the ultimate goal, but this too is fraught with difficulty. There are loads of different devices on the market, but none of them are satisfactory. They’re either too expensive, too complicated, don’t actually work all that well, or insist you use their own rubbish onscreen programming guide.

Fortunately, Alereon might just have the solution with the Alereon NoWire Laptop to HDTV Externder Kit. Not exactly an attractive name, but it does exactyl what it says on the tin!!

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Alereon NoWires media extender
The Alereon NoWire has been released today at CES 2010. As all the best ideas are, it’s extremely simple: you plug a USB stick into your laptop and an HDMI adaptor into your TV…and that’s it!

The USB stick will stream YouTube, Hulu, or any other video directly from your laptop to the HDMI adaptor in 720p HD, and all without any wires.

This means you can control your vids from laptop, which can be placed on your lap on the sofa, while you and your friends watch the vids on your giant HDTV. No mess, no fuss, no wires – perfect!

The Alereaon NowWire Extender will be available early in 2010.

[Source: SlashGear]


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